I spy with my little Eye

I spy with my little eyes some really cool trends.It has been a good 3 months and 2017 is already exploding with super trendy stuff. This post has been long overdue, but finally I am going to put it up.

If you have all these pieces in your wardrobe already, yay you! If not, don’t worry they are not going away anytime soon. Oh! and sales are round the corner. Go stock up šŸ™‚

1. Velvet

As skeptical as I was about this trend picking up momentum, it makes up for really cool outfits. If you can pull off an entire ensemble in velvet, way to go! But if it seems too risky, try looking for velvet slip tops, bodycons, skirts or even velvet chokers.

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2. Tie-ups

This trend is just perfect. With the right amount of cleavage show, it is so hot yet so chic. Go for a breezy top with tie-up at the cleavage for a day outing or try the figure hugging dark tops with tie-ups. Make it hotter by teaming it up with dark lipstick, thick choker and you are good to go! Don’t trust me ? Check out some pictures.

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3. Silk tops

My favourite trend so far. So I think the slip dress did not go down very well last year. In fact I did mention my skepticism on the trend in one of my previous posts. But a better version of it in the form of slip tops made of silk is so in vogue right now, you just have to get your hands on it.

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4. Rose Designs

I see outfits with roses on them everywhere. So much so that I wore it myself for New Year’s after second guessing myself at the least a million times. No doubt this one is less acceptable than the others, but I would highly suggest picking one safe piece with roses embroidered on it.

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5. Patches and badges

There is this thing about fashion. It is called a trend because it keeps coming back. I remember, when we were kids, we had this craze to collect badges and patchwork to stitch on our bags and pant pockets. And it is back again. I am yet to try this trend, but there are some really cool ways to pull this trend off. Either buy your own badges and patches and do a quick DIY or shop them online.

P.S: Attached a photograph to remind you of your dream Bag!

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Try these trends out and let me know what you think. Til then šŸ™‚


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