It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas !

There are exactly 10 days left for Christmas and how excited are you ?!!!! I am sure your Christmas tree is up along with twinkly lights that are enough to brighten up the entire house. And that big beautiful Star outside your house probably shines brighter than the moon in the night. Am I right or am I correct? But wait if you haven’t started preparing your sweets they might not be ready in time for Christmas :/  Since I come from a Mangalorean family, I am bored of the usual sweets.Which is why, I looked up easy and quick Christmas recipes that look so cute you wouldn’t want to eat them. Oh by the way ! I am making all of these this Christmas. Take a look:

1. Christmas tree Brownies

What is Christmas without a Christmas tree? Pope John Paul called the Christmas tree a symbol of Christ. In winter, what is evergreen becomes a sign of undying life. It reminds Christians of the “tree of life” in the Garden of Eden. And I doubt there is anything better than a chocolate Christmas tree! These recipes are so simple you may make these all year round.

2. Buche de Noel
Yule log

I know this one looks complicated but trust me it isn’t. The winter solstice is anytime between 21st to 23rd December. People would feast the end of the winter season as days finally became longer. To cleanse the air of the previous year’s events, families would burn logs and its ashes were said to guard against evil. Now you might not want to burn this chocolate yule log or Buche de noel but you could try eating it. Recipe:


3. Christmas bark


This one is definitely for people like me who prefer quick results and have no time to spare. There is no history really or origin to the Christmas bark. But you can add every flavour you can think of to make it as Christmassey as you like. The two given below are my favourite flavours:

4. Reindeer/ snowman pops

I wouldn’t eat these because they would look too cute. History as we all know says Santa Claus’rode on sleighs led by reindeers. They are pure spirited animals and symbolize magic. Ancient myths say they fed upon some hallucinating mushrooms which made them fly high. (Insert wink here) Anyway, reindeer pops instead of mushrooms. Anyone? All you need is:

  • marshmallows or oreo biscuits
  • pretzels
  • gems
  • straws
  • white or dark cooking chocolate

Here is the recipe just incase:

5. Hot chocolate

Last one but the best one! Christmas is not complete without hot chocolate! Imagine those wintry cold nights, you cuddled up in your warm fuzzy blanket, watching Jingle All the Way or The Santa Clause while you are humming Michael Buble’s Christmas playlist. All you need is a cup of bubbling hot chocolate. Now stop imagining and go make some.The recipes are right here:


Do let me know if you try any of the above. I would love to hear 🙂 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !


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