There is liking, there is loving and there there is obsessing. And I am not talking about your crush, partner or a celebrity. I cannot define these but I am sure many of you obsess over it like me. Atleast one of these for sure! Hey and it is alright. These are harmless.


I do not need to say anything about this. Apple loves it so they introduced rose gold in all their products. Ferrari has a car that is rose gold from top to bottom (feeling the heart eyed emoji here). Adidas and Vans has it on their shoes. And why not? It is beautiful! So much so that I am considering buying all things rose gold. Nail paint, shoes, heels, jewellery, home decor,watches, phone covers, makeup brushes, sunglasses, eye shadow and even hair colour. How many of these products will you own?

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I love that these are coming back. Not something to sport in large proportions but best for small details. These were big during the disco years of 1970-80’s and they are getting there now. There is so much to choose from and it looks so quirky. I am not kidding. Look!


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There is no denying, you love this. You do not mind incorporating it in anything because you know it is a stunner. And after Kendall J wore it to Coachella 2016, we just lost our hearts.Dresses, blouses, lingerie, bags, bikinis, choker, shoes, accessories, there is nothing that lace cannot make good looking.

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Unknowingly this material has made its way into our wardrobes in the form of chiffon tops, dresses, socks, beachwear and even active wear. And as much as we tried to avoid it because of the transparency factor, we could not find a way to not love it.

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I know, all that glitters in not gold. But there is absolutely no harm replicating it. And I am, far too obsessed with glittery things. That glitter in small details or a shimmering gown, you know you are instantly attracted to it. And don’t lie to yourself. There is a scientific reason to it. Apparently shiny glossy things link our imagination to water which is our innate human desire. I will just put the link here so you know I am not making this up.( http://www.fastcodesign.com/3024766/evidence/an-evolutionary-theory-for-why-you-love-glossy-things )Anyway, here are a few shimmery shiny things we can love for life.

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Do you relate to it? Tell me. Byeeeeeeee 🙂


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