9 to 5

Every morning, I would sit in front of my cupboard deciding what to wear to work. ‘It has to be formal,professional, classy yet comfortable and feminine’, I tell myself. And as I spend 15 minutes deciding what to wear all I can think of is the train I am going to miss to get to work on time, the comfortable breakfast I will sacrifice for a coffee to-go, the makeup kit I will carry in my bag because I have no time to apply any of it. If only I had the perfect pieces of formal clothing that I could throw on and save those precious 10 minutes.
That’s when I found 5 no fail objects of clothing that will almost always be perfect to mix and match.


No, this is not just for men. Yes, they make you look super professional. Must have at least one pitch black thin collared suit. And you do not need to essentially wear a shirt inside. Also,you don’t have to wear it always considering the heat, but having one of these is an absolute must. Why? Because it demands the respect you deserve! Take a look.

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Must have one of these that do not show the love handles and stomach bulge. One that sits on your skin so beautifully that you will look absolutely elegant.Team it up with shirts, suits or shrugs, they will surely steal the show.




Apart from the crisp cotton and chiffon shirts which I am sure we all own, a few pretty feminine shirts do no harm. Ruffles, Chinese collars, pleats, peter pan collars and bows are very attractive.


We have the skinny fit ones. We have the low waist ones. We have the loose unflattering ones. Which means we need a perfectly fitted straight fit one. Not too tight that you cannot breathe, not too loose that they look like your dad’s. High waist or mid waist are one’s best bet.

Oh and lastly but importantly!


Add some sparkle, something that differentiates you from the rest. Workwear clothes are pretty boring and there aren’t many colourful options or patterns. Throw in a pretty neckpiece, bow, a scarf or a classy belt and you’re good to go!

I hope this helped. Hit me up. Let me know. Later skater 🙂


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