Blast from the Past

Ever thought of wearing bell bottoms again? It almost seems impossible that  a trend like that would ever come back. But more often than ever they do. Some we are grateful for, like the choker, leather jackets and wedges. But some just do not make the cut. Celebs are sporting these in the hopes that they would make a statement, what do you think?

Will these 5 trends be back with a bang or disappear without a trace?


Hmm. I have mixed feelings for this one.They were big in the 90’s and are hot bedroom outfits and honestly if styled well would look class apart. Yet they are very skeptical outdoor outfits unless obviously worn as a gown. Would you be able to pull this off?


We love ripped jeans.And distressed denim skirts.And as if it weren’t enough to get much flak from our parents for them already, these outfits will literally make them want to disown us.Okay, that was extreme. These are not from the past but they are skeptical in every way. Besides nobody wants to be called a rag-picker. Right?



Too many lazy bedroom clothes making a statement. Definitely a big yes to co-ords but pyjamas? They are cute and could look good if pulled off well like Selena below. But would they be a major statement?

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In the 1980’s these were the rage. And I hate calling them fanny packs because of the female genitals reference hence the waist wallet. They are multi functional and tacky. Yet somehow these are making a comeback, this time is pretty prints, tassels and metallic colours. Would you be seen using one of these?


I secretly wish this Victorian cape now called a cloak or poncho is here to stay. Maybe with a little adjustment to the shape so we do not end up looking entirely like Superman. They are already making a statement on the runway and red carpet. Do you think they will do the same on the streets?

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Let’s see which of these a going to sell out like hot cakes and which of them will bite the dust. Laters 🙂


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