It’s Summertime!

Summer’s here! As much as the westerners love it and we equatorial residents want to love it, we do not. Stepping out in the heat is the last thing we want on our to-do list. But if you ever must get out, don’t let the sun dull your shine.

Here are 5 pieces to make even the sun shy away. If you haven’t already added them to your closet, do it now!


We saw a lot of the hippie boho hats these few years because of the influx of the hippie trend. But as we know it, change is the only constant. Enter, Baseball caps! And not just any baseball cap. These metallic caps are so in vogue that you want to get your hands on them. First spotted on King Kylie in 2015, although it will be sometime till it hits our streets but if you do spot them for affordable rates don’t hesitate to buy them.

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This is my favourite summer trend. You can wear it throughout the year too, but it is so bright you would rather keep it for the summers only. Limit it to one item or wear them as co-ords, these are so cute you wouldn’t look like your from outer space.


This never really went out of style. They have been around in the form of shirts for a long while now. But one never really appreciated this piece of clothing and its versatility. Wear it as a top, skirt, shirt, dress or even a bikini! It is effortlessly trendy and comfortable at the same time.



These are like descendants of bell sleeves. Much like a new take on the royal sleeves of the Victorian era. And they are making a comeback. Spring Summer 2015 is where we saw them again and I hope they are here to stay.

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If you do not already have it, get it! On days you do not wish to dress up or just want to wear something comfortable because the heat is burning its way through your skin, this is your go to! Look for a different style, a flaunting cut, a few ruffles here and there or just keep it simple. This is a no fail. And if you can pull off sheer, do it. It will make you look hotter than the sun too!

Come to think of it, a lot of old world trends are coming back. And there are definitely a lot more summer specific outfits to pull off. Tell me what you think would look trendy this summer. Until next time. 🙂


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