Nailed it !

Since I was a kid I loved painting my nails. That was about 20 years back. Not much has changed, except for the introduction of nail art which I cannot afford nor can I do because of unsteady hands. So I was looking up nail trends for the lazy girl and found that there were quite a few ways to glam them up without having to be a professional.
Oh and these are gaining a lot of acceptance this year.
(No this doesn’t include matte nails, but if you do ask there is a Revlon Matte top coat to make any nail paint Matte.)

Here are 5 top nail trends for lazy girl in you!


These are so mesmerizing I could look at them all day long! But they are super expensive. Now Amazon has a few options to get this nail paint but I can’t guarantee if the results wil be spot on.Also from the reviews I have read none of the nail paints come as near as stick ons. The best option I believe is this one if you manage to find 10 people to chip in 200 each.


I have tried this one on and it is easy peasy! (with a little practice).Check out the tutorial. Now I have tried white with neon and it looked lovely but you could choose any colour you like.Just one advice, stick to one or two of these accent nails and keep the rest a single colour. Here is the tutorial:

Or this one:


We have all tried this at one point of time but realized it is too time consuming for something so boring. But this new take on French manicure is really catching on in 2016. It is elegant enough to wear to work and a party thereafter. Don’t miss the non traditional black tips and the gold tips at the bottom of the nail.


As scary as this sounds or looks, they aren’t actually shards of glass. But they sure give the impression. This is a fairly new Korean trend and if not overdone looks really cool. All you need is
1.Cellophane paper/ gift wrapping paper, base colour and top coat
2.Apply two base coats but don’t let it dry all the way through.
3. Quickly place pieces of cellophane paper on the sticky base coat and finish off with the top coat. Done!


This is my favourite ! The white and black one especially. Try not to use bright colours or it will look tacky. Here is the DIY:

Or this one:

Tell me if you tried any of these and how you liked it or if there are other lazy girl nail arts. See ya later alligator !


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