Wardrobe additions in 2016

So I finally decided to start a blog after debating over 4 months whether or not it was a smart decision to talk over random things that cross my mind. But hey, here I am!

Because this one was on my list a long time ago it was essential I put it out there ASAP. I am no fashion diva and honestly I am pretty broke most of the times to spend on anything. But I do make mental notes of fancy stuff that catch my eye. Like this one.

5 things I believe you will want to add to your wardrobe this year. Take a look !


I am sure you have spotted these by now on every college kid but this fad probably got famous when Gigi H and Kendall wore it everywhere in 2015. Because why not? It totally  gives one the illusion of having a long skinny neck ! This 90’s trend never really went out of style thankfully.


Not Palazzo pants! Trust me this will be big. Its hot. It makes you look tall. It looks classy with crop tops. And you can wear it for every occasion.



One thing 2014 has taught us is ditching the stilettos for sneakers. Oh and the comfort they bring with it ! They give you this tomboy edgy look and still manage to look classy. Although India is not the place to wear your perfect white Adidas originals, a  cheap white pair of sneakers do the job.




Okay I have to admit I love glitter. But it is dangerous territory! It was vastly used on the runway in 2015.Be careful though,it could make you look like a clown, a hippie or a celebrity! Lets not try to overdo it for the sake of sanity.


This one is too cute to handle. I got one of these and I love it. It almost brings back the 70’s trend. Denim or Suede or both ! Cute or hot, dressy or casual, it will not disappoint.


So there you have it. Done with my first blog post. Hit me up. Let me know what you must add to your closet in Twenty16. Until next time. See ya 🙂


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